The most important thing is the experience. Universities offer top-notch opportunities for playing golf.

Michal Pospíšil

I think that an eighteen-year-old golfer is not yet ready for professional golf, both in terms of performance and mental maturity. Furthermore, in my opinion, the chance to study and play golf at a really high level in the Czech Republic is minimal. The combination of studying and sports in the USA is unique and absolutely unbeatable. You are in a team where you are well taken care of, and at the same time, you are acquiring and improving your skills. Furthermore, you will receive a diploma and create a back door in case you do not succeed among the professionals.

University education is also great for the development of a person who must become independent in sometimes uncomfortable surroundings, so they must move their boundaries. Furthermore, they will gain an enormous amount of contacts and friendships for later life because all sports teams at American universities are full of international athletes.

Golf level is also at the very top of amateur golf from the perspective of universities. After all, the best ones leave for the PGA Tour or the European Tour every year. If young players can get to the best golf universities, there is basically no better way to become a professional.

When you look at the American PGA leaderboard, nine out of ten players went through the university system. If I were to name them, Tiger Woods was at Stanford University, Rickie Fowler studied at the University of Oklahoma, and Jordan Spieth at the University of Texas.

Thanks to my studies in the USA, I also improved my English. Thanks to that, I received an offer from a friend from the university to work for an international company and still be able to play golf. I work part-time. I would say that next to the diploma itself, the most important thing is the experience, language and contacts. Without the studies, I wouldn't have any of it.

I also want to say that I would be happy to discuss the university selection with anyone. I am of course, happy with my decision, but I know very well that the selection process can be better and much more tailored to each individual.

I would like to pass on my experiences to other young Czech golfers because when I recall my university days with my friends, we always agree that it was a life experience that we all remember fondly. I would like more Czech players to have the opportunity to study in the USA because it would also help the overall performance of Czech golf.