Live for sports and get a top education in the USA.

Dedicate yourself to sports, discover the world, and study at prestigious universities in America. At Sportegy Futures, we will help ambitious athletes with their application, admissions and we will be there as mentors throughout your studies. Open the door to a great career today!

Why study in America

Play sports and study at the highest level!

In America, sport does not hold you back but opens doors to a top-notch education. Develop your talent and get a prestigious diploma.

Enjoy your school years to the fullest

University life in the USA will captivate you and you will cherish the experiences you gained across the ocean for a lifetime.

An excellent start for a future career

Foreign experience works like a magnet for future employers.  You can also perhaps gain inspiration to start your own business.

How can we help you?

We know the people and university environment

Personal contacts with coaches and teams help us to evaluate the quality of the environment in detail. We will only recommend you to those that will not disappointment you once you arrive.

We will make you a top candidate

You can obtain a variety of scholarships in the USA, but it is necessary to choose the right ones and make a great first impression. We know what works at universities and will teach you.

We will prepare you for studying in the USA

We will give you valuable advice on exams, help setting up a base and obtaining visas, and, most importantly, remain your mentors throughout your studies.

Who’s behind Sportegy Futures?

We are a team of successful athletes who believe that you can gain more than just medals and trophies through sports. We believe that by obtaining education and foreign experience through sports, you can create value that will accompany you for the rest of your life and kickstart your career and personal growth. We have gone through studying in America ourselves and now see it as a shaping experience. Of course, not everything was easy, and there were sometimes setbacks, but we learned to take life into our own hands and deal with it.

Now, through Sportegy Futures, we want to help talented athletes so that they can experience an environment where there are no compromises between sports and education. Our goal is for as many talented Czech athletes as possible to have the opportunity to obtain elite education in the USA. We believe that due to the experiences of individuals from American universities, not only Czech sports can benefit you but our entire society as well.


Jan Koukal

Jan won eighteen national championships in  squash and founded the sister agency Sportegy while traveling the world for elite tournaments. At the beginning of his career, when he already belonged to the broader world elite, he had the opportunity to study at an American university. At that time, he chose the sporting path due to his position in the world rankings, but all the more motivated to steer young athletes toward education.

Pavel Šnobl

Pavel is a sports enthusiast who has been involved in the taxation of top athletes and artists for the past twenty years. The connection between the world of taxes and sports brings interesting perspectives, which Pavel also sees in the connection between sports talent and education. In Sportegy Futures, he will talk to athletically talented athletes about the possibility of obtaining a scholarship. He will explain the individual steps and our support leading to obtaining a scholarship.

Irena Gillarová

Irena is a two-time NCAA champion in 2015 and 2017, representing Virginia Tech University, a bronze medalist from the 2015 Universiade, a finalist at both the World and European Championships, and a participant in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. The Czech athlete considers her three and a half years at university to be the best years that athletics has given her. She gained a quality education in incredible conditions, which helped her understand what  the professional level means. Her goal is to support young athletes in making a decision that will provide them with not only beautiful athletic experiences, but also a successful career after their athletic life.

Mojmír Zálešák

Mojmír is completing his studies at the Prague Nový PORG high school and spent last summer at Harvard University where he took macroeconomics and intellectual property law exams. Soon, the Czech junior squash representative will strive towards admission to one of the elite American universities. In Sportegy Futures, he will act as an advisor in the areas of academic profiles and available scholarships.


Who is on the Futures Stars team? Get inspired!

Take a look at successful athletes whose careers were kickstarted or are yet to be launched by their studies in America.

"Education of the mind without education of the heart is no education at all."

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