I will be thrilled to help someone get accepted to a university in the USA

Tereza Pluhařová

I got into Sportegy Futures through my very good friend Sara Olivova, who graduated from Georgia State University thanks to beach volleyball. Since Sarah has started a business, she offered me to join the project with her. Since I play beach and indoor volleyball, I have an overview of the Czech volleyball environment, and I particularly like the idea of connecting top-level sports with the opportunity to gain prestigious education.

I will be thrilled if I can help someone get accepted to a university in the USA. In addition, I want to create interest in those who may not believe in the university journey so much.

It is very likely that our players can receive scholarships based on their performance or academic results, even if they are not aware of it. This is a big challenge for me.

I would like to search for and reach out to volleyball players and steer them toward colleagues from Sportegy Futures who can help them on their journey to the USA. And above all, to spread information about the benefits of studying in America among players who have not yet considered such a journey.

Thanks to Sara, who has been living in North America for a long time, we can provide them with information about the entire process from scholarship applications to choosing from individual schools. Communication with athletes during the entire educational process and being available to them is also important.

The university journey is especially ideal for Czech beach volleyball players, since if you do not belong to the world elite, you do not have sponsors and support from the association, you have to work during the winter, pay for coaches and training and find sponsors to be in shape for the summer tournaments. It's a complex cycle that doesn't exist in American universities, where you are taken care of athletically and get an education.

Boys have it a bit easier mainly thanks to the training group led by Andrey Tomatis, who involves young promising players in training and helps them reach the top level. Unfortunately, girls don't have such opportunities in our country, which is a shame considering the beach volleyball tradition and the many beautiful facilities and quality coaches.

In indoor volleyball, female players have more opportunities. If the players choose to stay in the Czech Republic and their performance is at the level of the Czech Extraliga, they usually try to combine their athletic career with their studies. On the other hand, universities do not systematically cooperate with individual clubs, making it more difficult for players to manage everything on their own. Some play in the highest league while working, but these are rather exceptions, as not every club allows it.

From my perspective, it is important for young players to know that there are other paths available to them that are by no means unattainable. Everyone is different and what works for one person may not work for another, but people need choices. In my eyes, the American way is fantastic, especially if you know in high school that you won't want to make a living by playing volleyball. On the other hand, if someone wants to make a living by playing volleyball, they can start their professional career at an American university. We know many examples of this from the past.