What will I gain from studying in America?

Experiences, opportunities to achieve athletic and academic success, a great start for your future career, lifelong friendships, and much more. We will help you make the most of the education system in the USA.

Combine professional-level sports with studying at world-class universities.

The  school and the team are one institution, meaning everyone pulls in the same direction to give you the best conditions for quality education and for maximum athletic performance.

Thanks to sports, you will have the opportunity to study a field that you are most passionate about. The American system is very individualistic and allows you to combine fields within the entire university and across faculties.

Throughout your studies, you will have a tutor who will ensure you handle all your classes while having enough time for training. The university provides tutors to athletes to help them more easily combine sports and studies.

Financial support and facilities for athletes like nowhere else in the world.

College sports in America have a tradition and prestige like nowhere else in the world. This is reflected in the demands, but also the material facilities, sports facilities, and financial options that the school can offer you.

Tuition is usually counted in tens of thousands of Czech crowns per year, but sports or other scholarships can cover it up to 100%. If you reach it, you will not need your own resources for tuition, housing, food, or sports clothing and equipment.

Being a student-athlete in America is a prestigious experience. Start making your career.

Studying in America will push you in every direction, and maybe for the first time in your life, you will have to stand on your own and venture into the unknown. But don't worry, it's worth it! You will come back with brilliant English, a prestigious diploma, the best resume for future employment, and, most importantly, confidence in your abilities to achieve anything! You will also learn about a different culture and make connections that will broaden your horizons.

Overall, studying and competing in America as a student-athlete is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that will never be taken away from you and will jumpstart your career.

As a university athlete, you will experience the team spirit and an atmosphere that will overwhelm you.

Full stadiums, fans, team uniforms, and nerves before the next big game or meet. American universities live and breathe sports and it is the foundation of their identity and community.

You'll remember the atmosphere before an intense rivalry for a long time, as well as the huge support and cheering from other students.

Unique college life that you won't experience anywhere else.

With the exception of a few universities, they are located outside major cities, making them the region's center. The student community is also tighter, as even the locals are away from home.

You will get to know and live with friends, similarly-minded athletes, and classmates on campuses where something is always happening. During your free time, you will also discover America - not just as a tourist, but as a local resident.

What sports can I choose from?

At Sportegy Futures, we focus mainly on the following sports. For each one of them, we have a guardian who will take care of you and help you with everything. If you desire a different sport, just reach out to us, and maybe we'll come up with something.

– Squash
– Athletics
– Hockey
– Swimming
– Rowing
– volleyball
– Golf

What will your life look like in America?

Right before departure

Time to pack your bags and embark on an adventure! Right before departure, you've taken care of visas and a scholarship for four whole years at your dream school, and now you can get excited. You've made contact with your future team and coaches and had a meeting at the embassy; you're ready for America!

Advice, whenever you need it

Throughout your freshman year, you will regularly see an academic advisor who is there for you on campus whenever you need anything. They keep track of your academic results and help you arrange tutoring or study aids. You can always turn to them, or the coach will be able to discuss the matter with them.

Don’t forget, it's up to you to keep track of your GPA so you can compete for the university.

Sophomore year, housing a spring breaks

By the time you're a sophomore, you may want to find housing with friends off campus, which is a great decision. The university then sends you money for accommodation and food directly to your account. This amount is enough to live on and still save something.

During spring break, you can take your friends and explore the States, making your university life just as it should be.

Freshman year

The first week, the first month, the first year. Everything is new and exciting. You live on campus in a dorm, paid for by the university.

You don't have to worry about food either because, with the meal plan, you can eat for free at university restaurants and cafes or have access to the athlete's dining hall.

The university also contributes towards miscellaneous expenses, from which you can save for things like an airplane ticket and fly back home to see what's new.

Traveling and the European season

At the beginning of December, after the first semester ends, you can take a course home and return for the second semester's mid-January start.

PAfter the end of the second semester, you can attend the traditional season in the Czech Republic and Europe from June.

Progress and conclusion

For the rest of your time at university, you can concentrate on your sport and get to know the field that will fulfill you in life. You have time to develop, and before you know it, graduation is here. Now you have a prestigious degree and a wealth of experiences, and it's up to you what you will do next!

“Education is what remains with us after we have forgotten everything we learned in school.”

Your journey to the USA starts here.

Fill in a few details and we'll get back to you as soon as possible and discuss the options for studying in America together.